Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Unaccompanied Soul Chapter 19 Teaser

My body reacted to what he said immediately, because the words Edward spoke, the conviction within them, sparked an acute longing to be even closer to him than I already was.

The sensation was heady as it traveled through me, causing goosebumps to break out across my flesh. It wasn’t just about the physical closeness, though I realized how much I’d honestly grown to need the warmth of his touch in whatever capacity he gave it, even if it was just a mere look from his eyes, it was also about the emotional closeness I’d found with him.

I had never experienced a connection to someone like the undeniable connection I felt toward Edward. I wasn’t positive as to whether or not my particular feelings were shared, but regardless of the answer, my heart and soul didn’t seem to care either way. Every minute, every second, I was falling deeper, his mark indefinite upon me. I swear it felt as if I was always meant to belong to him.

I’d always been the one to give something, to take care of someone, and though I was doing just that with Edward, it felt different from every other time - I felt like I was being given to just as equally as I was giving. I was a bit confused by that because part of me seemed to understand, yet it was on lockdown from me, other than cryptic sensations I was occasionally granted.

I guess the truth was that Edward was teaching me as much as I was teaching him. He taught me how fulfilling handing over my heart could be, even if he didn’t know he owned it, even if it ended up broken later. Loving someone meant putting their needs above your own, but I never realized how gratifying that could be until Edward. I never realized I could love this much.

Monday, June 7, 2010

TUS and CF Posting Schedule

I asked some time last week opinions on posting schedule, whether readers would like a weekly post of 6-7000 word chapters, or if they'd like biweekly longer chapters on a set day. The majority of those answering either said biweekly or whatever I was comfortable with.

Honestly, with my kids being out of school and my son being in baseball, it would be so much easier for me to update biweekly. So, here's how the scheduling will go...

Chancing Fate:

Teaser: Tuesday (biweekly)
Chapter post: Wednesday (biweekly)

The Unaccompanied Soul:

Teaser: Thursday (biweekly)
Chapter post: Friday (biweekly)

For Keeps 

Teaser: Thursday (weekly)
Chapter post: Friday (weekly) 

Now, Chancing fate won't really increase much in length, but The Unaccompanied Soul will. I'm not saying they'll be disgustingly long chapters, but probably a few thousand words longer. No biggie, right?