Thursday, October 11, 2012

TUS Chapter 30 TEASER

Edward's hands came up to frame my face. Love and adoration bled
through his touch and his eyes as he stared into mine. "Listen," he
whispered, cocking his head slightly. "Can you hear that?"

I listened carefully but heard no sound other than normal creaks in
the building and our breathing, and I was positive those were not what
he was referring to. "No, I don't."

"Listen carefully," he pleaded. He could see I was trying hard to do
as he asked. Still, I was missing whatever it was he heard. My
confusion was emphasized by my expression. "That sound? That's my soul
singing out to yours." I gazed into his eyes, heart thumping,
unconditional love surging through every part of my being for this
man. He continued, "It's saying that you are part of it; that until
you, it was shattered. Those pieces are now made whole. No matter
what, no matter where we are, apart or not, it will continue to sing
for you and only you." He gently brushed away a stray tear that rolled
down my cheek. "Can you hear it now, meu anjo?"

I kissed him softly, whispering against his lips. "Yes, I can here it.
Can you hear what mine sings to yours?"

He leaned back just inches, closing his eyes, listening mindfully.
Minutes passed before he opened his eyes again, nodding. "I hear it.
It says how much you love me, that I've become a part of it, too. Our
souls... They're connected."

"Yes," I answered, more tears falling, finding their way into the
fabric of my clothing. He was right. But there was more. "You know
what else it says?"

"What?" he asked.

I kissed him again, threading my fingers through his hair as I wrapped
my arms around his neck. "Thank you for leading me home."