Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CF Chapter 10 teaser

The full chapter will post Tuesday, September 28.

This is in Edward pov.

My mouth was claiming hers, hot and hungry, like I needed her fucking taste to live off of. My hands were working their way up the soft skin of her thighs, thighs I wanted to be parting so I could settle myself between them and bury myself inside her.

I wanted her so fucking bad. And the want for her, it only seemed to magnify. I felt like I was this goddamn ball of flame around her, searing with a need that consumed me in ways I had no words for. It fucked with my head because I couldn’t understand all these feelings crashing down on me like steel weight, especially the warm sensation that suffused through my chest the second I laid eyes on her. It didn’t matter, though, did it? Because all that shit, that’s what led me here.

I repositioned her in my lap so she was straddling me, her knees digging into the cushions of the couch, without moving my mouth from hers. I’d rather cut off my motherfucking eyelids than pull my lips away and lose the taste of her mouth… unless it was between her legs I was tasting. Either one, it didn’t matter.

She was pulling back, but I tried to hold her to me. She gasped, breathing out my name. “Edward…”

I pulled her back against me, her chest pressing into mine. I loved the feel of her body up against me. “Don’t stop, Bella.”

Her brown eyes stared back at me, hooded with a need that matched my own, but a defiance blazing underneath that made my dick so hard it ached for some fucking relief.

She closed her eyes, breathing in deep before opening them again, her voice sounding sultry and sexed up. “It’s not going to work. I… I know what you’re trying to do.”

I lifted my eyebrow, smirking up at her as I shifted my hips upward, loving the whimper I got in exchange. “Give me a few more seconds, and I’ll show you what I’m trying to do.”